Revolutionizing Call Authentication: How LastingAsset Complements STIR/SHAKEN

Revolutionizing Call Authentication

Revolutionizing Call Authentication: How LastingAsset Complements STIR/SHAKEN

In a perfect digital world, every call on our smartphones would be welcome. Instead, we are targets for a barrage of scam and spam calls that make us question every ring. While STIR/SHAKEN has been a laudable effort to authenticate calls on IP-based networks, its limitations in scope and international reach leave gaps in our defense. It is clear that while STIR/SHAKEN may act as a necessary shield, by itself, it’s not impregnable.

The Critique of STIR/SHAKEN

A pivotal report highlighted that STIR/SHAKEN’s efficacy is compromised when calls switch to non-IP networks or cross international borders. Moreover, while the STIR protocol has global potential, SHAKEN’s effectiveness is subject to national telecom providers’ willingness to implement it. This leads to challenges such as:

  • Limited scope in combating international spoofing.
  • Potential false positives/negatives in call verification.
  • Ineffectiveness against non-spoofing related scams.
  • Privacy concerns due to shared call verification details.
  • Added complexities and costs in telecom service delivery.
  • Vulnerabilities against emerging threats like deepfake voice cloning.

LastingAsset: The Comprehensive Solution

This is where LastingAsset steps in to complement and go beyond what STIR/SHAKEN can offer. LastingAsset is a solution crafted to give businesses control over their phone-based interactions, ensuring that their outbound calls are authenticated. Here’s what makes LastingAsset a game-changer:

  • Enhanced Call Verification: Works alongside STIR/SHAKEN, adding an extra layer of authentication for outbound calls.
  • Brand Protection: Ensures that your business’s calls are recognized as legitimate, protecting against identity misuse.
  • Customer Trust: By authenticating your outbound calls, customers have confidence that they’re engaging with the real deal.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Addresses the limitations of STIR/SHAKEN, providing protection even in areas where STIR/SHAKEN falls short.

In a landscape still haunted by the specters of scam calls, LastingAsset emerges as a vigilant protector of your company’s communication integrity. If you’re ready to fortify your business against the onslaught of phone scams and embrace a solution that fills the gaps left by STIR/SHAKEN, then LastingAsset is the ally you need.

For a deeper dive into how LastingAsset can revolutionize your telecommunication security, contact us at Let’s join forces to create a truly trustworthy calling environment for your business and your customers.

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